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Cig Neutron

Artist, Creator, Director, Educator



Los Angeles, Las Vegas


Custom prosthetics, props, creature design, sculpting, product design, realistic paint, SFX makeup, SFX rigs (gore, puppets, etc), creature suits, masks, SFX workshops and live demos.


Boulet Brothers, Kryolan, Pet Gorilla, Kredit Karma, General Mills, American Dental Association, Tums, Fig Newton, Blackcraft Cult, etc.


The Boulet Brother’s Halfway to Halloween Special 2023
  SFX Department Head, Boulet SFX Bat makeups, Creature Design, Lifecasting, Gore fx, Props
The Devil’s Workshop 2021
  SFX Department Head, Creature Design, Lifecasting
The Sandman
  Creature SFX makeup creator

Tron Legacy
  Mold dept / Light Assembly
Sucker Punch
  Casting / Molding / Painting
Real Steel
  Casting dept / Mold dept
ABC's of Death - "W" short directed by Jon Schnepp
  Special FX Head /blood rigging
The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?
  SFX Head / Sfx makeups and prop maker
  Prop maker
The Nanny
  Sculptor for makeup fx


Star Trek Discovery
  Klingon paint dept. - Alchemy FX Studios
Boulet Brother’s Dragula
  SFX Head Seasons 3, 4, 5. Guest Judge Season 3
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  Paint dept. - Alchemy FX Studios

Sado Psychiatrist 2019
  Head SFX for character makeups
Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons 2018
  Dungeons and Dragons Live on Twitch- Player/Actor “Lepad”
James St James “transformations” 2016
  Mutant SFX makeup demo on James St James
James St James “transformations” 2014
  Gravedigger makeup demo on James St James
First Look with Adrina Patridge 2014
   SFX Makeup Transformation On Adrina Patridge at San Diego Comic Con

Credit Karma - Myth Commercials
  FX department head- creating special effects makeups and fabricating mythical creatures. Cyclops,   

  Satyr, Loch Ness Monster, Ogre, and Merman.
General Mills - Tiny Toast Cereal

  FX department head- creating realistic animal costumes and puppets.
Robitussin cold medicine
  Practical FX cloud puppet build and puppeteering
   FX department head building Taco and Meatball costumes for “Tumsworthy”
Fig Newton
  FX department head- building realistic fig, strawberry, and apple heads for  “Now We’re Newton’s”
Dethgrip ICON 1000- ICON Motosports
   Makeup FX
American Dental Association
  Gum puppet FX build

Blame it on kway Titi Saw Horror Short 2023
  SFX Head
Blame it on kway Titi Christmas Horror Short 2022
  SFX Head Full character design, creation and application
Meatcanyon Dagon Review 2022
  SFX Makeup Dagon on Papa Meat
Patrick StarrR Halloween sFX Special 2022
  Full character design, creation and application Vecna
Bizarro Au Go-Go “Isolation Bestie” 2020
  SFX, Director, Producer
Patrick StarrR Halloween sFX Special 2020
  Full character design, creation and application ET
Patrick StarrR Cats sFX Special 2019
  Full character design, creation and application Cats SFX Makeup
Patrick StarrR Halloween sFX Special 2019
  Full character design, creation and application Fab Fiona and Shrek
Terror Twins Christmas Special - Nerdist
  Fabrication of Barry the Evil Elf
Creature Eats 2018-2019
  Sfx head, and Director
Puzzle Quest - Nerdist 2017
  FX head- Build torn arm, blood fx rig, and insect costumes
Troutcop- Machinima
  Fabricate trout puppet and gun props
“Team Nerdist: Belko Experiment” - Nerdist
  FX blood rig
Ash vs. The Evil Dead “The Dangers of having  a chainsaw for a hand” - Funny or Die  2016
  FX blood rig
Groblins- Nerdist 2016
  Fabricated Groblin puppets
Welcome to the shadow zone EP. 5 - Nerdist
  FX blood rig
Alien Spoof - Nerdist
  Chestburster FX build
Baby Mutant Animal Patrol - Nerdist
  FX build mutant bunny
Mystic Cosmic Patrol
  Gigantis robot helmet, Potty Mouth Full creature suit fabrication and vomit FX rig
Night Creatures
  SFX Werewolf Prosthetic and Wolf Transformation Rig

Live Demos/Presentations
Monsterpalooza Los Angeles, CA 2022

   Special guest speaker for Sado Psychiatrist Panel

Monsterpalooza Los Angeles, CA 2019
  Live SFX Makeup Demo MainStage for PPI Premiere Products “Psychic Koi”
Halloween Expo New Orleans 2019
  Makeup Demos for Kryolan
Kryolan & MUI Makeup institute Toronto, Canada 2018
  Live Makeup Demo Out-of-Kit. Q&A with students
Imats Toronto 2018
  Live Makeup Demo For Kryolan
Monsterpalooza Los Angeles, CA 2017
  Live SFX Makeup Demo MainStage for PPI Premiere Products “Slothette”
Monsterpalooza Los Angeles, CA 2017
  Featured Guest speaker for Faceoff Panel
Cosplay con & Anime Experience Little Rock, AK 2017
  Featured Guest, SFX Workshops
San Diego Comic Con Nintendo 2017
  SFX Makeup character features
Douglass Education Center Tom Savini FX School 2017    
  Guest Speaker, SFX Seminar Q&A, Live SFX Demo, SFX Student Portfolio Reviews
MADS Makeup Show DusselDorf, Germany 2017
  Featured Guest for Kryolan. Main stage SFX Makeup Demo “Camera Ready Makeup”. SFX Workshop for out-of-kit techniques
Rupaul’s Drag Con 2016
  Featured Guest on James St. James Panel
Sinister Creature Con 2016
  Featured Guest. SFX Workshop. Costume Contest Judge
Indy Pop Con 2016
  Featured Guest SFX Workshop With Rashaad Santiago, Solo Makeup Demo
Sinister Creature Con 2015
  Featured Guest, Live SFX Makeup Workshop, Costume Contest Judge
NBC Live Event San Francisco 2015
  Live SFX Makeup Demo
Dragon Con 2015
  Featured Guest. SFX Faceoff Panel. Contest Judge.
Batsday 2015
  Featured Guest. Live Makeup Demo
Westcoast Haunters Con 2015
  Featured Guest. SFX Workshop Featuring Iwata Airbrush
Indy Pop Con 2016
  Featured Guest SFX Workshop,  Makeup Demo
NBC Universal Capitol 2014
  Featured Guest. Live SFX Makeup Demo
Imats Los Angeles 2015
  Makeup Demo and workshop for Kryolan

Music Videos
Blame it on kway Titi “Baby Daddy” 2023
  SFX Head

MNDR “Ether” 2023
  Lead makeup and painted lead wardrobe
Lovecraft “Skeleton Sam” 2023

   Skull Makeups, skeleton Sam Mask
Witherfall “insidious” 2023
  SFX, Set Design
Spiritworld Prophet “death western” 2022
  SFX and Gore Rigs
Lovecraft “Every Night” 2022
  Skeleton Sam Mask
Bizarro Au Go-Go “wang dangle dingle”
  SFX, Director
Witherfall “the other side of fear” 2020
  SFX, Director, Set Design
Wolf Parade “Under Glass” 2020
  SFX Makeup and props
Foster the people “Style” 2019
  SFX Paper Head Costumes
Disasterina 2019
   SFX Makeups
Pilgrim 2015
  Devil SFX Makeup

Fallout Boy And Demi Lavado “Irresistible” 2015
  Fabricate Bobble Head SFX Pieces for band Members

Boulet Brothers
   Tour Masks

Blameitonkway “TiTi” Halloween Costume 2023
  Custom Silicone “Kwayto” Puppet/costume
Atomic Saloon Las Vegas Spiegelworld production 2022
  Lead characters Custom teeth prosthetics multiple performers
Opium Las Vegas Spiegelworld production 2022
  Alien heads for live performers
Absinthe Las Vegas SPiegelworld Production 2019-2023

  Main character “The Gazilionare” Custom teeth multiple performers
Twitchcon 1st place SFX Cosplay Contest
  2018 Motherbrain

Cinema Makeup School 2017

   Guest Teacher- Prostheics Application
Face Off Season 11 (all stars)— SYFY
  Reality Special FX makeup competition show 1st place winner.
Face off Season 7 - SYFY
  Reality Special FX makeup competition show top 3 finalist.
Blackcraft Cult
  Sculpt masters for ceramic mugs, custom soaps, shoe and purse hardware
Tooth Decay Monster- American Dental Association
  Fabricated tooth decay monster & Ginger Bite us mascot costumes
Monsterpalooza 2012 Costume Contest 1st Place
Spfx Masks 2010
  Painter Realistic silicone masks
Silver Shamrock Lab
  Painter / Ballistics Gel Bodies
The Amityville project: Phobos
  Miniature Sculptor and Designer

   Douglass Education Center- Business Associate Makeup Effects Degree 2009


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